Our History.

Located a scenic drive from Melbourne, the picturesque township of Marysville is

nestled in the forested hills of the Marysville State Forest below Lake Mountain. The pristine

waters of the Steavenson River flow through the township, providing a magnificent backdrop to a vibrant community. Melbourne’s closest alpine resort Lake Mountain, situated in the beautiful Yarra Ranges National Park with its Mountain Ash and treefern forests and adjacent to the Cathedral Range State Park, all just a short drive away.

The local area is known as the 'Triangle' consisting of the towns of Marysville through Narbethong, Granton, Buxton and Taggerty. Marysville was established in 1863 as a stopover for diggers on their way to the nearby goldfields. Marysville Primary School was established soon after in 1870.  Much of Marysville and its surrounds were destroyed during the 2009 Black Saturday fire.  Marysville continues to re-establish itself as a thriving community and premier tourist destination including cross country skiing at Lake Mountain Ski Resort.   


There are many ways to experience the history and heritage of Marysville and the surrounding region. A visit to the Marysville Information Centre and/ or Historical Society will allow an insight of the places of interest and history of the area.


Marysville tourism.


Marysville heritage.


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