At Marysville Primary School, we aim to instil in our students a passion for physical activity and an awareness for physical and mental health. Weekly lessons focus on the importance of participation, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun. We want to encourage every child to be actively involved and educated through fun and engaging movement activities. Knowledge and skills in this area are developed through play, games, gymnastics, ball handling and movement awareness. Participation in team sport cultivates a sense of cooperation, assists with the development of friendship and fosters appreciation of what it is to be a ‘good sport.’


During physical education activities the emphasis is on skill acquisition, participation for all, the development of healthy attitudes and an enjoyment of physical activity.  In the early years the students in Prep /one are involved in developing their fundamental motor skills (e.g. running, throwing, catching, dodging, ball bouncing, kicking, striking and forehand hitting) in both skill development and modified games. Students are also involved in basic movement activities such as dance.


All student s participate in a 10 day swimming program, a dance program  and the  cluster cross country held at Eildon.


At Marysville Primary School we have:

  • a full size stadium for indoor Physical Education,
  • an oval for soccer, cricket, football and hockey.
  • we have access to a 25 meter swimming pool,
  • a Tiger Turf running track,
  • a full size basketball/netball court
  • sporting equipment including tennis rackets, hockey sticks, tee ball, and cricket sets

Our Health and PE programs include:

  • Cross Country Skiing term 3 each year at Lake Mountain
  • A comprehensive 10 day swimming program
  • Footsteps Dance Company
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Cluster Swimming, Athletics & Cross Country
  • St John’s Ambulance First Aid training
  • Healthy Harold - Life Education
  • Aussie Hoops




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