At Marysville Primary School we ensure students have access to quality and consistent teaching practices in mathematics. We engage and instil enthusiasm in the students we teach and place a high value on our students’ Numeracy skills which are essential in their daily lives. Students develop these skills through a range of engaging learning activities. Lessons cater to individual learning needs and interests and build upon students’ strengths. Our whole school instructional model is ‘Whole, Part, Whole.’ This includes students tuning in as a whole class, breaking into small groups which cater to different learning needs, and a return at the end of each session to reflect upon new understandings. Teachers develop highly detailed and differentiated units of work within their levels which are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum. Assessment is a fundamental component of any successful Numeracy Program. At Marysville, we utilize a range of assessment strategies to obtain an understanding of each student’s development and needs.



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