MPS Parents Club


Marysville Primary School has an active parent club. A parent club not only benefits students, but enriches and contributes to the wellbeing of the school community through positive interaction and support.

The role of a parent club is to:

provide support, in various forms, for the school, its students and community,

work in co-operation with the principal, staff and school council in building effective partnerships between home and school.


Marysville Primary Parent Club:

is not a sub-committee of school council.

has no formally prescribed powers or duties.


Our Parent Club’s aims and objectives are consistent with the powers accorded to, and duties of, a school council and has conscientiously supported our community and programs such as Intensive Swimming, Student Leadership, Camping, Life Education and many others through to school uniform.


Parents and school staff are partners in children's education. By interacting with the school and other parents, parent club members gain a firsthand understanding of how schools operate and the rhythm of school life. Parents participating in a school's parent club can use, and build on, their skills and confidence, develop friendships and work collaboratively with other parents interested in supporting the school.