'10 Years On'.

Marysville Primary School reopened in April 2010 at the previous school site at 15 Falls

after the Black Saturday fires.  With the events came opportunity and consequently

our School, Pre School and Maternal Child Health Centre were all re combined to what

we have today – a proud and purposeful 21st century facility. 

Marysville Primary School, its students, staff and our community are sincerely grateful of the 

overwhelming support and generosity of the Australian people, received in a time

of need.  Marysville paused recently to mark '10 Years On' and offer a heartfelt 'Thank You'

to all in return.    

We continue the positive rebuilding process for all in our care.  Social and economic wellbeing

risk indicators have continued a three year upward trend.  Our strongest challenge is our

continued support of student and community wellbeing.  We know we make a positive difference. 

Philanthropy & ATO Tax Deductible Status                 

Marysville Primary is an ATO approved fully tax deductible educational institution should you have a philanthropic interest with the assurance that student wellbeing and learning are our first and foremost priorities.                


Please feel free to contact the Principal personally further information or assistance.

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