School Programs

Marysville Primary School's curriculum is based and planned on the VCAA Foundation to Year 10 Victorian Curriculum which reflects our Australian National Curriculum, ACARA.  The Victorian Curriculum includes eight Learning Areas, Literacy (English), Numeracy (Mathematics), Science, Humanities (Geography, History, Civics, Economics), Language, Technology, The Arts and Health and Physical Education (HPE).

See Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

See Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)  

Our 2018 MPS Strategic Plan prioritises Student Wellbeing, Literacy and Numeracy.  

Our F - 6 teaching and learning program mandates a minimum of 10 hours of literacy and 5 hours of numeracy instruction per week.  Classroom instruction is focussed at student's point of learning in small group activities.  Student activities are well supported by state of the art English, Mathematics programs and ICT resources. Teachers plan and organise learning as a team informed by our rigorous approach to student assessment.  Professional development is a  priority and includes Jolly Phonics, VCOP, Literacy and Numeracy Coaching and regular team meetings.     

Our School also provides all students with Arts & Crafts, Health & Physical Education, Perceptual Motor Program, Music and Band instruction and Language programs.  In addition, a full camping program is implemented from Sleepover, middle school overnight Camp and Years 4 - 6 Camp.  Marysville continues to develop unique outdoor programs such as Intensive Swimming, Lake Mountain Ski Programs and OEG Camp Marysville Outdoor Education Programs. 

Additional programs include gymnastics, footsteps, basketball, tennis and roller skiing.                  


Marysville Primary integrates support for student voice through Junior School Council, 4 -6 Student Leadership Program, School Captaincy and wellbeing through 'BounceBack' and Cyber Safety programs as well as Speech Therapy and Student Support Services.

From 2014 our 'Linking Learning' Pre Prep initiative which brings together for the first time Early Childhood and Teaching Service educators to improve kinder to school transitions, assist and inform parents and families of early learning at school and at home and provide additional and timely resources and advice to our triangle families of our youngest.  In 2015 Marysville Primary staff were included in a VCAA 'Young Writers' Pilot Program which provided invaluable professional learning.