MPS Vision & Values

Marysville Primary School’s Vision is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community.  We aim to prepare students to contend with a dynamic 21st century in which creativity, co-operation, connectedness and adaptability are key features.  The school aspires to provide a contemporary approach to teaching and learning, a focus on literacy and numeracy within a respectful and purposeful environment.

Our shared Values are that of Respect, Responsibilty, Honesty and Community. 

Our Motto is ACE achieving and celebrating excellence.  At the centre of our work are high expectations and a commitment to hard work.

Our school and our programs support and promote the principles and practices of Australian democracy including a commitment to:

  • An elected government.

  • The rule of law.

  • Equal rights for all before the law.

  • Freedom of religion.

  • Freedom of speech and association.

  • The values of openness and tolerance.


Statements which affirm the school’s ethos are found in the vision of the school and in documents such as prospectus and handbooks.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or assiance.